Improve your presentation skills and become a confident public speaker. Attend coaching and workshops for entrepreneurs and success driven professionals in Markham, Toronto and the GTA.


Thursday, November 6, 2018, 6-8pm, in Markham, Ontario. Connor Speaks & Mingles. Network with other success-minded people, listen to inspiring guest speakers and provide them with valuable feedback and then participate in my mini-presentation skills workshop.

This month's workshop will be on the topic of "Public Speaking: 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Build Confidence". Our two speakers are JP Ostiguy and Sheri-Anne Wooley.

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Monday, November 19, 2018, 6-9pm in Aurora, Ontario. Talk & Text Marketing Workshop, hosted by David Bolivar and Laura Connor. Add a technical twist to the timeless method of face-to-face marketing. Make more connections at networking events and keep nurture those connections with customized messages that cost a small fraction of other marketing programs.

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Are your technical team’s speeches and presentations boring and lacklustre at best?

Do your team’s presentations only connect with their audiences on a logical level, failing to capture their emotional needs and attention?

Are your technical sales teams’ closing ratios lower than desired?

Do your members lack the confidence to deliver engaging and commanding presentations to audiences of various knowledge levels?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Congratulations! You are at the right place. Connor Speaks is your one stop shop to enhance your team’s communication skills so that they can be trailblazers and influencers in your organization and industry.

Connor Speaks

How Can You
and Your Organization

Empower your Team

Prepare your employees or team members to represent your company with style. Support them with the resources and tools they need to become confident and influential speakers. Your team can learn to present information in a non-technological manner for wider understanding.

Deepen Client Relationships

Influential presentation and communication skills are essential to ensure that your clients and audiences’ needs are understood. Your team’s ability to represent your organization in a more authentic manner will allow them to meet and service the unique needs of your clients, which will allow them to build stronger and deeper relationships with your existing clients.

Increase Sales Conversions

When your employees can create a closer connection and understanding of your clients’ needs during sales presentations, higher sales conversion rates are bound to follow. Not only will your team close more sales and increase your client base, but they will be able to build deeper relationships with your existing clients base on a much higher and intimate level.

Boost Influence and Audience Connection

Myth: Technical people can only speak in jargon! Let Connor Speaks effectively train your technical professionals to conduct engaging presentations to audiences of all knowledge levels, from C-suite executives to product end users or the general public.

“...Would Recommend her Services..."

“...Laura is very well spoken and enthusiastic. Very motivational. I would recommend her services to anyone!..." - Nick S.

“...Helped Me Become More Self Aware...“

“...She was extremely direct and could pin point areas where I needed to improve after one run through After 15 minutes she helped me become more self aware of the way I was speaking so I could fix it...“ - Giri P.

“...Great Coaching!...“

“...Laura definitely had great pointers about pace and intonation. They are things we don't always realize when speaking but make a huge difference. And you can tell that she was extremely attentive and personalized her feedback as opposed to just mentioning generic things. It was great coaching!...“ - Hares S.

“...Took Me from 0 to 100...“

“...She was a great coach. Very persistent and motivational in her approach. She took me from 0 to 100 within 20-30 minutes of coaching. She clearly gave me action items to follow and made me try again...“ - Arjuna S.

Hire Laura and Turn your Technical Team into Dynamic Presenters!