One-on-One Mentoring


“Laura, do I fit the model of the best prospect?”

I am often asked this question by potential clients who want to know if working together can produce the results they seek. I always reply that we are on a mutual journey towards one goal: your achievement of exceptional public speaking and presentation skills. Therefore, to reach the end goal, I need as much cooperation from you as you need expertise from me.



Here is how you can determine if working with me will benefit you:

One-on-One Mentoring WILL work if

  • You have clear goals relating to public speaking and are willing to work hard towards achieving them
  • You show strong commitment from the beginning and want to harness positive results through my expertise
  • You are willing to work with an expert like me to develop your personal public speaking skills
  • You are confident in your ability to be a dynamic and influential speaker
  • You value tangible results and momentum of growth over perfection
  • You have a positive attitude towards completing the assignments that I set for you
  • You are ready to invest time and money as you believe the reward will be well worth it if we both do our jobs right (and I ensure I will always do mine)
  • You have a positive attitude towards learning in general

One-on-One Mentoring WILL NOT work if:

  • You are seeking help only because your boss forced you to; you think your speaking skills are just fine
  • You are inclined to quit when times are tough
  • You don’t respond well to constructive criticism
  • You don’t put the effort in to do your research and write your own presentation content
  • You are too rigid to learn and are overly cautious
  • You refuse to speak until your presentation is perfect
  • You are unwilling to learn new ideas; you’re over-confident about your current speaking abilities
  • You believe that one-on-one mentoring is an optional investment that is not critical to success

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