Why Working with Laura is Different

Laura is a sought out speech coach in the speaking industry, but when she works with you, you will feel like you are her only client. Her customized, practical and hands-on approach produce high results in faster time.

Learning how to present and speak in public doesn’t have to be full of theory! People learn faster when they are having fun and enjoying the process, and that is what Laura is committed to; providing an engaging and interactive experience so that your team can apply their newly learned skills in real time.

Moreover, Laura is not just result-oriented for the present moment. She aims to provide your organization with long-term value. She ensures that the ideas and strategies acquired are implemented on a continual basis until they become a fixed part of each participant’s skill set.

There are Four Levels that you can begin a working relationship with Laura. You can start with her at any level. Each level has been designed to support the next as each is significant to the ultimate result that you seek.



The first step to making a change is to spread awareness. Annual conventions, company and association meetings and special events are just some of the occasions that Laura can provide many valuable ideas through keynote and workshop presentations to motivate and create awareness among your team.

When your team or members have no idea that there is a problem in the effectiveness of their presentation skills, they have no reason to try and become better presenters. Public speaking and presentation skills are talents that can be learned. Even the most successful speakers have struggled with such skills. Being aware of your current speaking skills and being open to changes, can help you or your team to reach significant levels of success.

However, even after being exposed to new and insightful information, it is a natural human drawback of the brain to forget most of the information shortly after hearing, before an opportunity is had to implement our new found knowledge. This is why a jump up to Level 2 is so crucial.


At this level, get ready to invest in training and development opportunities for your team. Every year, progressive organizations conduct multiple learning programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of their employees. As compared to being knowledgeable on technical issues, public speaking and presentation skills often seem to be a minor, less important skill to possess. However, consider the detrimental effects that can happen in your organization when your team lacks this crucial skill. None of the technical knowledge that your team possess will produce the results you expect if they lack the ability to communicate and present effectively.

Therefore, in this step, it is time for you to offer workshops and seminars and retreats for boosting speaking confidence among your employees. Laura can help you develop an interactive plan of action that will allow your team to advance their public speaking and presentation skills in real time. They will not only learn about how to improve their skills but will gain the confidence which will allow them to better influence the clients.


No skills are useful if they are temporary. The goal of Laura’s valuable ideas is not to temporarily provide your employees with the confidence for communicating. She considers her strategies successful only if professionals can implement their newly acquired skills and knowledge for the entirety of their careers.

At this stage, Laura will work alongside your professional teams in small group coaching and one-on-one mentoring over a minimum time period of three months. During this time, she will not only consult with your teams but hold them accountable to implementing their newly acquired skills. There will be role play, evaluations, and recommendations for further improvement. All of this effort will be applied so that each individual can reach their goals without distractions.

Level 4 - STAY SHARP

There will eventually come a time when your employees and professional teams will be comfortable in implementing the skills they have learned through the previous steps on a regular basis.

At this point, your relationship will shift to a maintenance one to uphold the value that has been created together for the organization. In this maintenance-retainer phase, you can reach out to Laura as needed, whenever a quick problem or need arises. She will be there for you and your team with her expertise to fine tune or prepare for important events as they happen.

At each of these four levels, it is important to be focused on achieving your goals and vision for your organization. It is very easy for employees to learn new skills, implement them for some time and then sway away from the path of improvement, which is one of the reasons that business environments are often volatile. Your team members can become distracted due to multiple responsibilities they have to attend to on a daily basis, so it is important to keep them in a constant state of learning that they can ultimately achieve the goals you set out for them.

With Laura's system, you can start benefitting from her services at any stage you deem suitable for the needs of your organization. However, the most important thing is that you take that first step.

Hire Laura and Turn your Technical Team into Dynamic Presenters!