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Get heard. Get seen. Get Clients.

You’re a business owner, a service based professional, a salesperson.

You’ve acquired your first few customers mainly through hustle, word of mouth and some good luck.

You know that to stay in business, you need to have a marketing plan to keep a solid stream of leads coming through your doors…

But how do you do that?  

  • Social Media Ads?
  • SEO?
  • Networking events?
  • Call random names in the Yellow Pages? (Please say you don’t do that!)

If you find yourself:

  • Doing the same marketing activities that your competition is doing (and most likely not doing very well),
  • Spending money on the latest marketing craze,
  • Paying, Spraying and Praying. That is spending money on a scattered bunch of marketing tactics, sharing it with anyone that has a pulse and then praying that someone responds…

This doesn’t have to be you…there is another way!

If you want to:

  • Create a solid influx of quality leads
  • Increase your visibility in your marketplace
  • Make the most of the time you have to spend on marketing activities
  • Obtain the biggest bang for your limited marketing budget dollars.

…”then it’s time for us to talk.”

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When you do, I’ll send you my Maximum Exposure E-book – 18 Steps to Help YOU Stand Out, Attract New Clients and Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn.

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“Laura’s business is an amazing public speaking program. It helped me tremendously to become one of the top producers in Canada year after year. Laura helped me to speak properly, have confidence and most important, Laura’s program helped me to listen to my clients. Without Laura’s help, I would not be where I am today.”

Slyvia Morris, C21 Leading Edge Realty

Sylvia Morris

Real Estate Salesperson
Century 21 Leading Edge Realty

“Laura is a dynamic speaker and entrepreneur. She has provided me with the guidance and opportunity to speak at Connor Speaks & Mingles, which has really helped me prepare for business presentations and more speaking engagements. I would highly recommend you connect with Laura to get started on your journey to speaking with confidence.”

Jessi Kessel, Machete Marketing

Jessi Kessel

Lead Developer, President
Machete MarketingInc

Laura Connor assisted me in bringing about a good stage presence when delivering my presentations. Laura has helped me bring my speeches to life. I enlisted Laura’s coaching when I had to do a few job interviews which involved presenting to a large group and she helped me align my content to get maximum audience enagagement. If you are looking to bring life into your speeches or presentations, reach out to Laura.”

Anu Yogeswaran

Anu Yogeswaran

CSM, Project Manager

“Laura has a winning personality and a fantastic ability to improvise short stories. She is a born leader with a magical power to attract and fascinate people around her. Though our career paths are different, we share many progressive ideas and it is my honour and pleasure to support Laura in her endeavors.

Andrew Cornel

Andrew Cornel, P. Eng.

FounderAC Environmental

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