Laura Connor

My Why

My passion for boosting confidence in others came as a result of my own personal struggles. As a young girl in junior high school, I stood out from the rest of my classmates. I was tall, lanky and had a bad case of eczema all over my face.

I’m not sure if it was one of these things or something else that caused me to be an easy target for bullies, but I was. The constant barrage of everyday taunting and ridicule from some of my classmates silenced my voice and almost derailed my destiny to help others.

The positive turning point in my life happened in the most unlikely place – Las Vegas, in a two-by-three foot karaoke booth.  It was there that I was first deemed to be a “singing” sensation! I use the term singing very lightly, because earplugs are very helpful for my audiences whenever I take the stage!

It was the positive responses and reactions from my karaoke “fans” that helped me regain my voice and confidence to speak up and be heard. I continued to improve my presentation and communication skills during my varied professional journey as a blackjack dealer, real estate professional, IT technician and entrepreneur. My success in Toastmasters and volunteer work at my church, were all results of this progress I earned through perseverance and hard work. Ultimately, I launched Connor Speaks so that I could help others become confident public speakers and have since transitioned my business owners to focus on LinkedIn coaching & training and marketing consulting services. I still enjoy helping business owners use public speaking to attract new clients, but now I’ve caught the LinkedIn bug and now am one of its biggest fans.

I’m eager to share my knowledge and experience about LinkedIn, public speaking and other creative marketing strategies with my clients. I aim to help business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals execute engaging, client focused marketing plans to grow their business and influence.

In my spare time, when I’m not speaking or working with clients, I enjoy watching classic television shows (Columbo and Flip Wilson are two of my favorites!), listening to reggae music, and eating gourmet chocolate.

About Me

  • Creator of the LinkedIn for Business Owners Bootcamp.
  • Founder of Connor Speaks & Mingles Networking Event.
  • Creator of the Dynamic Speaker Intensive Seminar.
  • Creator of the Presentation Skills Igniter and the Fast Start to Speak Up coaching programs.
  • Host of the Connor Speaks & Mingles monthly Networking Event in Markham.
  • Co-founder of the Junior Power Speaker program.
  • Distinguished Toastmaster.

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