About Laura

Laura’s passion for boosting confidence in others arises from her own personal struggles. As a young, girl going into junior high school, she stood out from the rest of her classmates. She was tall, lanky and sported severe eczema, which caused her to be an easy target for bullies. This constant barrage of everyday bullying silenced Laura’s voice and her destiny to be an influential leader.

Laura’s positive turning point happened in the most unlikely place – Las Vegas, in a karaoke booth where she was deemed a singing sensation! It was this positive affirmation that helped her regain her voice and confidence to speak up and be heard. Laura continued to hone her presentation and communication skills during her professional journey as a successful table games dealer, real estate professional, IT technician and entrepreneur. Her success in Toastmasters and her volunteer work at her church, were all results of this progress she earned through hard efforts. Ultimately, Laura launched Connor Speaks.

Inspired by her personal struggles and journey to success, Laura is highly passionate about building confidence in other people. She aims to help business owners and success driven professionals develop their public speaking and presentation skills to become dynamic speakers.

When she’s not speaking or working with clients, Laura enjoys watching Columbo, listening to reggae music, and eating good, gourmet chocolate.

A bit more about me…

  • Creator of the Dynamic Speaker Intensive Seminar
  • Creator of the Presentation Skills Igniter and the Fast Start to Speak Up coaching programs
  • Host of the Connor Speaks & Mingles monthly Networking Event in Markham
  • Current Area 22 Director in District 86 for Toastmasters International
  • Youth Leadership Program’s public speaking Facilitator for the Centre for Leadership & Innovation.
  • Co-founder of the Junior Power Speaker program, an advanced public speaking program for kids ages 10-14 in Markham.
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